Sunday, May 22, 2011

Every weekend I spend most of my time at the stables. Either at the riding school with my daughter or at the small stable where my weekend horse lives. "My" horse is an old workhorse and even though he is quite the dressage master if he feels like it we spend most of our time together ambling in the woods. Today was a warm day with the sun gleaming through the leafage and the scent of lilies of the valley heavy. Yellow islands of cowslip everywhere. I stopped on my way home and picked a bouquet. Now their scent fill our house.


  1. A perfect weekend, and a gorgeous bouquet.

  2. Oh those are dreamy... I am not sure if I have ever seen lily of the valley grown wonderful, and how lucky! Something about this flower is fairytale like...

    Visiting your horse, the flowers, the sun...a perfect day. xo