Friday, May 20, 2011

We have four 80 year old apple trees in our small garden. To much apples actually but the trees almost holy beautiful. Their branches heavy with snow in winter, their craggy naked stems on a wet November day, the "fump" sound when the apples fall to the grass in August. And now the overwhelming blossom. This tree however is not well. It looks almost like a japanese cherry tree with the pink flowers on bare branches. Albeit the beauty, no leaves is not good  and I guess we will have to call an arborist to see if there is anything to do to help the tree. Excuse me for being a bit dramatic now but the garden would be mutilated without it.


  1. oh, i hope you can find some help for your tree!

  2. Apple trees are the heart of a garden so I understand your feelings. Get better old tree... xo