Friday, March 11, 2011


Late again. This week's theme was a hard one. I love wood. I have a trillion photos of wood. The hard thing was to choose. Anyway, from top, gate to sheep pen at our summer place, beautiful beetle on patio floor at the same place, old washboard bought at flea market last summer.

More corner views at Francesca's. I will put a link list as soon as I figure out the easiest way to do it.


  1. love how the texture of the wood comes out in these photos - and they are so summery too!

  2. I love the look of weathered wood.
    If you'd like, I can send you the html code for the list I have in my sidebar, let me know!

  3. I love them all. Each one gives me the feeling of a different place in time. All such nice places I'd like to be... x

  4. Ooooh, I love the little bug!♥
    Hello, Mr. Bug!
    Look, he's waving with his antenna! ;o)

  5. like all these very much
    happy WE

  6. oh, they are, as per usual, fantastic.
    love the beetle one too ;)

    (also wondering about this mr. linky thing francesca mentioned. should find out how to do it next week. I'll just copy what the rest do. ahem. non-proactive ninja this week :)

  7. also, I left a query on flowers on my last post. perhaps you know the answer...