Friday, March 4, 2011

corner view

Corner view. I have missed you. This from my kitchen counter this week.

From this afternoon. I had my sister's children over and while her oldest played with my kids this little helper kept me company in the kitchen, standing on a stool by the sink carefully washing her pacifier. Rinse then into mouth, rinse again over and over again.
Also from today, the pre-spring sun on the counter. In the winter the sun never reaches the kitchen. Now it's here. Joy!

More corner views at Francesca's


  1. What a beautiful spring banner! Aren't little kids are adorable when they amuse themselves with repetitive actions?

  2. cv has missed you too :) (at least I speak for this flaky corner viewer)

    sun on your kitchen counter, that beats the pants out of anything else, really. woo hoo!

  3. sun on the kitchen counters. My favorite :^)

  4. love these 2 photos
    welcome back