Thursday, March 31, 2011


Corner View, reflection. I find myself returning to this place, no matter the subject. My family has a house by the sea in southern Sweden. My maternal grandparents bought the lot and built the house 50 years ago. Now it's my parents place. I go there every summer (like I have been all my life) and it fills me with joy and humility to watch my kids run on the cliffs I used to run when growing up(and my mother too). The thing I wanted to get at is that when I come there I change into a certain mood. A very sleepy, reflective mood. I find myself very introvert, focused on details. Like the shape of a petal, the sound of the waves or the words in my book. Everything there seems clearer and more true. The stars are brighter and the air is easier to breathe. A happy reflective place.


  1. you know, since your photos preceeded your words, i'd sensed more or less what you was going to say... so your refelctions on your youth and that of your ancestors really is in there.
    i could love that place!
    lovely cv!

  2. Almost like a place where you roots draw strength. It must be nice to have a place like that, and to have in the family.

  3. Such a beautiful place from the photos and your description. The quiet focus sounds like a wonderful way to spend time. The family circling from one generation to the next...what a gift.