Friday, January 28, 2011

The light is slowly returning. Spring is still too far away for longing. Ranunculus and tulips, a promise of lighter days to come.


  1. yes, it is.
    I have red tulip and pink hyacinth bulbs brightening the house too.
    hooray to spring bulby indoor plants and... double hooray to colour!

    oh, ranunculus. gorgeous. time to invite them into the house, indeed. yes.

  2. We had a tease of good weather as well, though today rain and fog are returning, which is actually a good thing. Just a little longer until spring...

    I love the colors of your bouquet, a sweet bundle ... think I see Tea tree in there too (?) xo

  3. Janis, I don't know the name of the small flower. It has needles, is that a Tea Tree? I think I'll have to go back to the florist tomorrow and ask.