Friday, December 10, 2010

December early morning. The world looks black and white. It's so cold and so much more snow than it usually is this time of year. Garden work feels far away and that is all good. We are building a bird table. The cats on the windowsill, yapping.


  1. black & white it has been for a while.
    our snow/ice has thawed by now but we had lots and lots for the time of the year too.

    p.s. I was at a swedish midwinter party last night and they sang st. lucia songs, carried candles around the bar (on their heads!), while handing swedish cookies out. rather entertaining I must say. generally they/we celebrate midsommar in the park, but they decided winter is long and dark and we needed light and fun. I couldn't agree more :)

  2. It must be beautiful in Sweden this time of year. It looks like it from your photos. Black and white ... still ... contemplative. Hope you show us the bird table too.

    Also, I love when the cats make that yapping sound - I have a cat that does that when I cough (so I keep coughing :^)