Friday, October 28, 2011

Last fall in this house. In this garden. I walk around the garden thinking about all the work we have done to make it ours. To me it's perfect now. In all its obvious imperfection. Hard traffic outside, the traffic has always been our greatest obstacle. But the garden is invisible from the outside now and when inside, the traffic buzz feels like a curiosity. To us a reminder of how much we love the city. In the summer when lying on the grass, you are surrounded by greenery. No one can see you and still the tube is only a two minute walk away. We love that about this house.


  1. You have taken a space, carefully chosen the plants, feed them, loved them, and created a perfect secret garden. You will do this where ever you go... xo

  2. I quite understand the city vs country dilemma - it's very difficult to have both in equal parts. But you can always recreate a beautiful garden.

  3. Oh Janis, thank you. Comfort. Great comfort when needed.

    Francesca, I am sure now that I need the country more. And I think when finally moving it will be exciting digging into a new garden. Thank you for the reminder.

  4. i think the most wonderful thing about a garden is the mix of the history that's already there and your own touch, that grows with time and becomes part of that history.

    i always loved seeing your garden pictures and i'm very curious about the garden pictures to come. you must have a big, mature garden there to welcome you. how wonderful.