Saturday, July 30, 2011

We are planning a move so our house will be for sale in a couple of months. Even though we are looking forward to the change and hoping for a new way of life it's a sad story saying goodbye to this much loved house. I keep telling myself that home is where we are and that everything has and end but still. I really truly love this house. The creaking of the stairs, the yearly struggle to fit the Christmas tree in our small living room,  the names we have for all the places/spots where things can get lost. "Go look on the mosaic shelf" "Have you checked the kiosk?" I do not consider myself a nostalgic person but I find myself spending my evenings going through my photo archives searching for pictures of this home. Sometimes just looking, sometimes, like with these, juggle about in photo shop. These two photos show a little bit of what I love about this house. The living room/kitchen floor is always a little bit too hot, the light always very warm. The upper, bedroom floor,  is cool and the light grayish. This post is totally therapeutic. There will be more. And I will get over it. 


  1. oh, i hear you! i always have a hard time saying goodbye to places... -- will you be moving closer to the sea, as you mentioned last year?

    (how good you have all these photos!)

  2. A familiar scene... it was just 9 months ago for us and I have a hard time looking back at photos of our old house. Truthfully though - it's fine and okay. Though sometimes I do wonder what the garden is like now, has it changed... I completely understand what you're feeling. xo

  3. Kristina: We will move to a place where we can start a small farm. Near the sea has turned out too expensive.
    Janis: Thank you. Sometimes - in bad moments - I think of this home as an exclusive place. Like there is no other place like it. And maybe there is not. But in my heart i know - of course - there are places, homes just as perfect as this one. Plus room for our dreams.