Friday, July 15, 2011

We are at home. Loads of free weeks a head. I lay in bed with cross word puzzles, the kids play with friends, lego or video-games. The garden is a mess, as is the house. I tried to capture the state of the house but the camera makes mess beautiful. Tomorrow we have a grand opening to look forward to. There will be a lot of cookies for sale in my garden...


  1. Your "mess" is definitely a beautiful one :^)

    Have a wonderful grand opening among the birds, the bees, and the cookies. Garden gatherings in summer - perfect... x

  2. my camera does a beautiful job of capturing our messy mess, maybe I need a new camera :) Welcome back from vacation, I also have dear friends in Malmo Sweeden, they keep inviting us, maybe one day we'll be able to go!

  3. "the camera makes mess beautiful"... ha ha, you're an absolute hoot!