Friday, July 2, 2010

We have lived in this house for six years now. The garden when we moved in pretty untended. But there where old apple trees, big lilac bushes and beautiful paving-stones from the 1930's. We have moved everything but the trees, trying to create a garden that fill our needs and wishes but that would also match the house. On the second photo from bottom- taken two weeks ago - a small space close connected to the house. The space is framed by the house, bushes and planking which makes it a hot spot. When we moved here this spot was bigger, like in the bottom photo (a different angle, but the same space). An arbor, surrounded by lilacs.We have made the spot smaller by moving the lilacs and we have replaced the dark red tiling with slate. Making brick flower beds of the original red tiles. Larkspurs, Foxgloves, Lavender, English rose Winchester Cathedral and Bowman's root are in bloom today.

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  1. It's very beautiful. I can see one of the brick flower beds you made. I hope one day to have my own house and garden to play with!